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11-26-2012, 16:05
Too weird.

In the MP part of MW3, one of the maps takes place in a sea-shore amusement park. There's a board walk, many tiny little shuttered businesses, arcades for winning stuffed animal prizes.....all the normal stuff.

So I was just watching the news about the clean-up in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. The area in question was a New Jersey sea-shore amusement park.....that looked almost exactly like the map in MW3. This is the rather famous sea-side amusement park that has (had) a roller-coaster, which now lies in the surf, with the coard-walk washed away.

Rather odd....something most people won't notice. It looks as if the game developers simply went to that specific park and electronically mapped it out for the game. In the game there are LCACs at the sea-shore, meant to be how the U.S. Troops got ashore to re-take the area.

Rather amazing when you see both for yourself.

11-26-2012, 17:16
I live near the park you speak of. I know what you mean, and it's amazing to see what has been done by Sandy.