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11-27-2012, 08:07
So, I'm really interested in putting together a rifle in this cartridge but need some help with parts - barrels to be more specific. I want to go 16", as it seems ideal for this cartridge. I won't suppress it, so I don't need to shoot subsonic ammo. I noticed AAC is going to a 1:7 twist, but I was looking at barrels from Black Hole Weaponry, and they use a 1:8.5 or 1:11. I know the 1:7 is to stabilize 220 gr. at subsonic speeds, but as I said I won't be shooting those. So, would the 1:8.5 twist work fine, or even the 1:11? BTW, I want to stick with a carbine gas system to be sure cycling is not a problem. So 300 Blackout experts, give me you thoughts.

11-27-2012, 09:01
When I decided to get a 300 BLK I spend a few days emailing Delta Company Arms. Aaron is a great guy from the 82nd and was wounded while doing his job. He knows his stuff and produces great barrels.

I just tried to go to their site and it redirected me to godaddy. You may still be able to get him through silencer talk or AR15.com. He had medical issues so I hope he is alright.

He recommended 1:8 for a general purpose rifle. I went 16" LW 1:8 carbine gas. The thing was smooth, well balanced, and of great quality.

11-27-2012, 10:56
From what I have been told (by someone with way more .300 experience than I), 1/8 twist will run 220 grain subsonic no problem. The 1/7 comes in for people running bullets over 220 grains, such as cast lead pills in the 240-250gr range.

Personally, I would stick with the 1/8 twist, and not go slower.

Gunnut 45/454
11-27-2012, 11:39
I have a CMMG upper 16" carbine. It has 1:8" twist and it has run everything I've put through it! Subs/Supers zero problems. I run mostly cast through it 150's and 170gr. The 220 gr Rem subs are very accurate at SD/HD ranges- why I bought them! Even super 180gr loads at 1750 fps are very accurate.:supergrin:

11-27-2012, 17:50
unless you HAVE to build it go with the cmmg upper or for a little more rail real estate the aac upper.