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11-30-2012, 22:04
I am in need of a good safe. I am looking at gun safes so I can fit long guns in there as well as other valuables. It needs to have great burglar and fire protection.

I have been most impressed with Sturdy Safe, from looking at websites. They are one of the few comapnies who use anything better than 10 gauge for less than a few thousand dollars. I don't want a thief to be able to go to my garage to get a tool to get into my safe.

However, I think I can build one that would be better in every way for cheaper. A friend of mine is a master welder and will help me build it.

The part I have the biggest reservation on is integrating the locking mechanism into the door securing linkages.

What does everyone have for a gun safe? Pics would be great. Has anyone built their own?

11-30-2012, 22:30
Unless you are knowledgeable about fireproofing, I have a hard time believing you can build your own for less than you can buy one.

Otherwise, my only advice on safes is the same I give to people about how much ice to buy for a party: figure out how much you need, and then double it.

12-01-2012, 01:47
Many manufacturers will sell just the safe door with the lock and bolts, if you prefer to make your own vault or safe.

Most gun safes are not very burglar secure, thin box with a heavy door to give false impression of strength.

I have toyed with the idea of starting with a commercial gunsafe, and adding an additional external layer to the box for strength. Steel plate, or steel sheet metal with a 1-2" airgap that gets filled with concrete, etc.

12-01-2012, 13:56
Best way to keep a safe burglar proof is to make it hard to get too. Put it in a closet, cover all sides except door. The door is usually the strongest part on the cheaper safes.

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