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Glock20 10mm
12-03-2012, 13:20

Dennis in MA
12-03-2012, 13:31
I can think of thousands, if not millions, of people who want to bomb SSA offices. No way to know if any of it is true.

Dennis in MA
12-03-2012, 13:32

12-03-2012, 13:38
Professionally, I would prefer if this was classified as a terrorism incident.

But somehow, it seems this was another individual who was pissed at the SSA, and reacted as his background taught him to (ie: bombs away). Note that the explosion occurred at 07something in the morning, so it probably wasn't meant to hurt people-just send a message. And the fact that LE picked him up so soon after the explosion indicated he has an on-going issue with this (and they were aware of him) particular SSA office.

And yes, everything the above linked article said was already previously published in one news report or another.