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12-03-2012, 15:52
Not to crap on other thread. K already did that.

There is a stretched semi tractor w/sleeper and 22' enclosed box in my area. It is needed in TN. I joked about taking it down/have CDL/ BUT no current health card ($200+ cost)
I called State Patrol/DOT and nobody can say if I MUST have one to deliver it/hauling my car in back for drive home... (one hinted just drive and see) :( The few that said I did NOT need one changed tune when I asked them to fax me a paper with that on it......

So forget that issue. Here is question.
Its roughly 1000 miles each way. What would be a fair amount of $$$ to request for job?
I assume I would have to use log book so thats 8 hrs (from memory) rack time required on way down. (there is sleeper) So we are talking @30 hrs going down/ @ 20hrs+ comming back in car.

Last job I used POV IIRC I got $.33 a mile (so what is norm now?) And driving semi I seen to recall getting paid $.35 a mile? (is that right?

So unless someone gives more up to date/accurate $$s. Is this reasonable? 2k miles at $.40 (they pay fuel for semi/I am responsible for car comming back) is $800 add $200 for medical/drug test is a grand?
Drivers am I asking too much? too little? Got to admit with current weather I think it would be kinda a fun road trip.

Thanks for info.

12-03-2012, 15:55
Don't know, but it sounds like an episode of Shipping Wars.. ;)

Good luck with it, whatever you do.

12-03-2012, 16:20
33 cents is starting pay at a bottom feeder. If you've got to pay your way back I wouldn't touch it for less than 50 cents. Also, $200 is an absolute hose-job ripoff for a DOT physical.

12-03-2012, 16:32
to be legal you MUST have a medical card. Getting caught with out one, the fine could be $150 and possibly be shut down . truth be known any FMCSR violation can levy up to the maximum $10,000 IIRC.

You can now Drive 11hrs and work no more than 14 in a 24 hr period, then you must take a 10 hr break before resuming duties.

For me I'd do a flat $750 /800 plus expenses, for a off book 36hr turn around run.

If it'll run 75 mph, you could drive it straight thru in a long day. Not making any suggestions, but back in the day I may / may not have done a few 1000 mile days. ....back then we called it "trailer trucking" .

12-03-2012, 17:22
I am not sure of med/drug test. That is what a local said he paid for his medical/drug test. "I think it was just over $200" I am not required to have one so its been yrs.
If I do give bid/they accept (after checking for GPS) I may have a "practice" log book to start with. Just in case I make a "mistake" I will have spare.... Two should be plenty for this short a run. :) I will review hrs service/inspection/etc.
I like to drive till I am tired/sleep/ then drive again. I get spoiled in POV, just drive as long as you want.
So it sounds like a grand (with them providing fuel,any expenses for truck) is fair? My car fuel is @ $150 by itself. (I maybe should borrow a Prius) :)

12-03-2012, 17:45
Last DOT health card I paid for was $45 from my family Dr. I only drive a truck during harvest and planting for cash on the weekends, so I have to pay for my own to keep my CDL A. I did let my haz mat endorsement expire though.

ETA: If you are going to have to pay for fuel on the trip I would ask AT LEAST $1.25 a mile.

12-03-2012, 18:31
I guess I was going with they pay for all fuel/expenses (tolls, oil if needed) towing if it breaks down (and $200 a day while its being repaired, if I can use sleeper, otherwise Super 8 or better paid plus $200) Got to plan for worst/hope for best.
I of course am responsible after I deliver for my own car/fuel/issues (if any)

Peace Warrior
12-03-2012, 18:36
Just don't hit the motorcyclist on your right that's eating up the merge lane wanting you and your truck to slow down, or speed up, in order to "get out of his way."

If you do hit him, and he lives through it, he'll probably start a thread on GT to whine about it. Just sayin... :whistling:

12-03-2012, 18:36
Check the registration. The truck may be registered as a motor-home if it is someones personal car hauler. If so, no CDL needed. Just be sure it is marked RV on the outside or you will have to explain why you blew past the weigh stations.

Lone Wolf8634
12-03-2012, 18:44
to be legal you MUST have a medical card. Getting caught with out one, the fine could be $150 and possibly be shut down . truth be known any FMCSR violation can levy up to the maximum $10,000 IIRC.

Correct. If that rig is registered as a CMV and your driving it for pay you MUST have a current DOT physical in your possession. And whoevers charging you $200 for a physical had better be giving you a reach around. I paid $65 and *****ed that it was too steep.

As far as pay, for a one time trip, 1000 miles and I gotta get myself home? $7-800 bucks.

I'm gone
12-03-2012, 20:12
This is one of those things I'd have to think about for awhile, I do have a contact from the D.O.T. That has helped me but always has that attitude that I don't want to wear out! I have a friend that hired a guy to take a pickup and trailer to go get a car, even though that trip was fine, they had an audit later on and the d.o.t. physical faxed to the company had a time on it and was two hours later than when the driver started his log. $10,000 fine!! I'm thinking if your being paid by someone and they are paying expenses, you are an employee, needing an employment application, D.O.T medical card ,drug test, log book, of course your class A CDL. If it was me doing this I would have to think about what do I need to just transport this thing, can it be done like when the guys move motor homes? since there may not be a company name on it, D.O.T. number, tags good? Then what about the condition, like pre trip stuff? you don't need to get pulled into a scales to have them tell you you need to replace tires or an air line is chaffed. I think your either going to do it and hope like heck you don't get noticed(I think it could get expensive) or do it the right way with way to much paper work to make sence.

12-03-2012, 20:44
Yep contract will be IF there are any issues after leaving they will pay for repairs, I get $200 a day+hotel if I can't be in sleeper. (or balance of $$ and I unload car/drive home/they have to get it)

I don't need the work. It sound like it could be fun. I will call family Dr. in AM for med card. (in past he did do it on cheap but at time I had some med issues so yearly physical/blood work, X-rays,etc 4x a yr....
Guess I will lower bid to $900 (with other conditions) and if its too much settle for $800. Any less and they can keep trying to find one of their drivers to come up for $$$. Parked trucks don't make them any money.

Peace Warrior
12-04-2012, 02:14
C.W. McCall - Convoy - YouTube