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12-07-2012, 14:43
My Daniel m4v1 just got a new light put on her today. A new tlr 1s and I picked up a tape switch and back plate for 50 cash. I like the setup I put my tape switch on a rail cover piece with nonstick medical tape, very grippy, and when I put it on the rail very tight fit. Here's some pics. It's a big upgrade from a mounted g2 lol.

Austin via o hub

12-07-2012, 14:51
I've got the same light on my rifle a d it's worked out very well. I'm not a fan of tape switches so I just sport the stock rocker.

12-07-2012, 16:00
I took me like 20 minutes to find a spot and place for the wire that worked but I'm good strong and weak side with it there. I dig it I will let everyone know how it feels after I put it to some serious use.

Austin via o hub

12-07-2012, 16:20
Hmm, I'm considering a light and have no idea what to get. For now I may just get a Magpul rail add-on and stick my TLR-1 on it.

12-07-2012, 21:10
I like the tlr on mine is not heavy at all. Check out inforce also.

Austin via o hub