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Java Junky
12-08-2012, 08:58
Some may've noticed a regular Medusa-response to everything from this administration: you can't effectively deal with rotating talking heads on a subject. If it's not that lyin'-through'izz-teeth-sack'a-s___ Carey, now it's Geitner, or it's Clinton's mouthpiece, or it's . . ad nauseum.
We get fed a snow job and nobody (especially the soon-to-be-cavorting-in-the-Hawaiian-surf flim-flam man to the tune of 4 million) gets pinned down.
But, if it's workin' for'em . . I guess there's no reason that they're gonna change it, eh?

So, with all'a this regularly applied sleight-of-hand . . is all of the fire expended on the possible naming of Rice being wasted before the real intended candidate for Secretary of State, legend-in'izz-own-mind Kerry, gets pulled from behind the curtain?

Cavalry Doc
12-08-2012, 09:04
well she is now.

I can not believe this guy is allowed to be in any position.