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12-09-2012, 16:10
Ok, Been a while since I loaded up for my 10mm. What I am dealing with is.
165 gr rainier plated bullets
Titegroup powder
CCI magnum primers

Yes, I know titegroup is a bit fast burning for a plated round. My notes are gone with my recipes. I have been looking and I am remembering it was a hassle to work these rounds up.

I just want range ammo. About mid range power. My memory is saying 5.2 grains of titegroup. But, anyone know for sure?

12-09-2012, 16:49
OK, this is what is shown by hodgdon in the 2012 Annual...for TiteGroup
155 gr Hornady XTP COAL 1.260"
TG start 6.4 grains @ 1211 fps 26,800 psi
TG max 7.2 grains @ 1315 fps 35,700 psi

180 gr Sierra JHC COAL 1.260"
TG start 5.4 grains @ 1151 fps 27,400 psi
TG max 6.0 grains @ 1141 fps 34,300 psi

Hope this helps you get back on track...

12-09-2012, 17:06
The problem that I face is. The rainier plated bullets need to be treated like lead.

My brain keeps saying 5.2grains is what I used before.
Looking at your numbers. It looks like I am in the right area to stay safe.