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12-09-2012, 16:09

First, I am a male, so please treat me gently...

My wife, all 5ft 4in 120 lbs of her is getting her CCW. Owing to some arthritis in her hands, she finds it difficult to manipulate a weapon with a stout trigger pull, and my autos tend to bite her hand.

At a gun show, we found a revolver she liked, but it was a cash-only show and I didnt have enough on me. This was a Smith m10, the tag said, short barrel, 1in maybe, but a delightfully light pull.

Any suggestions for a concealable weapon with light pull?

A Smith Bodyguard .38 is OK, an old Colt Agent .38 appears to work pretty well for her, but every woman should have her own arsenal, so thoughts appreciated.


12-10-2012, 01:44
The lady-smith line of revolvers are tuned for a lighter trigger pull, you may want to look at some of those.

01-03-2013, 10:10
The later versions of the LadySmith revolvers have apparently already been the victim of Smith's Corporate Counsel and the trigger weights when shooting double-action are likely too stiff for some with arthritis. I see some ladies with arthritis who cannot pull the trigger at all. To make things worse, some LadySmiths have internal hammers and cannot be shot in single-action - a moot point perhaps as I've also observed women with arthritis who cannot pull the hammer back to shoot single-action on many wheelguns.

Here are some additional points to ponder:
a) A revolver with a trigger job may be usable, but
b) A trigger job modification may not be recommended on a carry-handgun because of both safety and legal issues and could affect reliability
c) Nearly any old DAO semi-auto will have a more usable trigger weight (not DA/SA as the first shot has to pull the hammer)...
d) but the user must be able to operate the action - to load and clear the gun if nothing else - and that's always the rub.

Personally, I would think that a revolver with a trigger job would be the best option for your wife, but remain aware of "b)" above.