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JC Refuge
12-10-2012, 13:32

Our 2012 Repel the Chaos program has been cranking out crazy-huge freebie offers every week for four months now. The end is near (the end of the 2012 Repel the Chaos program, I mean). And in fact, the biggest prize drawing of all, for an AEB OX Mini Power Plant Solar Generator (http://www.safecastle.com/ox-mini-power-plant.aspx) is just three weeks away, so be sure you are in the drawing (see this (http://www.safecastle.com/repel-the-chaos.aspx)).

This 16th week, from Dec. 10-16, buyers club members who make any purchase totaling at least $350 will receive a free Safecastle Gift Certificate worth $50 ...

or, if spending more than $800, a gift certificate worth $125!!

Maybe, just maybe, a Safecastle gift certificate is the perfect gift for that prepper who is serious about his or her preparedness.

JC Refuge
12-11-2012, 09:26
Our December Inventory Blowout Sale is still offering some great deals: http://www.safecastle.com/december-blowout.aspx

JC Refuge
12-14-2012, 09:21
Still 34 items at major discount in our December Inventory Blowout Sale: http://www.safecastle.com/december-blowout.aspx

JC Refuge
12-15-2012, 17:43
one more day on the Gift Certificate offer