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12-13-2012, 18:34
How many of you have taken your slide apart on your Glock(s)???

I took my 4 Glocks apart and find that the G19 v2 which had around 5000 rounds through it was not as dirty as I thought at all. All the rest of the other Glocks were also cleaner than I imagined they would be.

2 of my Glocks are 9mm and they get plated or jacketed bullets but the G27 ang the G30 get lead only.

What has been your experience when breaking the slide down all the way ???

12-13-2012, 18:38
a detail strip? yes.

its easy, youtube is your friend when doing it the first time.

my experience?...well I do it often to keep parts clean, so my experience has been good.

12-13-2012, 18:53

I have a G17, G19, G26 & G21 - I run more rounds through the G17 & G21 than the other two. I shoot GSSF up here in Ohio, Mich. so these pistols get quite a workout from Spring through Fall.

I do not shoot lead through these pistols just jacketed rounds, they do not get as "dirty" as my revolvers do because I shoot both lead & jacketed bullets through my revolvers.

I do strip & clean the uppers I guess once month???, the don't seem to get that dirty even is I toss 1k/2k rounds a week in each.

Most important to me is the firing pin/spring, make sure no crud inhibits a clean action of your firing pin.

12-13-2012, 20:12
Most important to me is the firing pin/spring, make sure no crud inhibits a clean action of your firing pin.

:agree: I don't clean per-say after every range session or match.I pull the slide, run a bore snake through the barrel. Lube reassemble and move on. That is the normal routine for 3-4 session 1500-2000 rounds. Once a month or so, usually prior to a important match I will do a full detail strip and clean. When I do checking the firing pin/spring and wiping between the connector and crucifix of the trigger bar are the area I pay most attention to.

12-13-2012, 20:43
I shoot almost exclusively lead though my Glocks. I detail strip the slide every few thousand rounds because I get a fair amount of crud in the journals for the FP safety, FP itself, and the recess for the extractor. I use a toothpick to pick the crud out of the extractor every time I clean it (normal cleaning).

I've had some get really filthy and never had a misfire, but I try not to let them get that bad. I'm particular about my G27 as it's the one I carry.