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12-14-2012, 13:18
I have about 4,000 165gr Montana Gold bullets left over from when I was shooting a 40S&W in IDPA and USPSA some years ago.

Planning on running a 20SF in the games next season and working up a load with 'em.

Thinking about 9.5-9.8gr of Blue Dot (Win brass and CCI 300's). Planning on something around 1,100fps or so. Lyman lists 9.1 min and 10.2 max with a 165 FMJ.

Does this sound like it'd be about right? Certainly not looking for mousefarts, but between practice and games, the gun's gonna get a fairly high round count in the next few years. I've got heavy 44's and 45 Colt's for when I want to punish myself. ;)

I rather like the thought that I can use the same firearm in games as well as woods walking (using 200gr WFNGC's for that).

Not really looking for other bullet weights and powders as these are what I have on hand and I want to get through these first.

Basically just wondering what folks' thoughts are.


12-14-2012, 14:37
I shot a similar load a couple years back when I picked up some Berry's 165gr FMJ. I was enjoying this load for IDPA and some IPSC shooting. The guys i was shooting with at the indoor ranges in Wichita loved the fireball that the Blue Dot loads produced except for when it would set the target on fire when we shot some up close and personal stages of IDPA. I have since been using Unique for all of my target loads and save the Blue Dot for serious work.:cool:

12-14-2012, 14:47
I 'spose you're right. Stages with up, close shots with retention..... I'd hate to have the target go up in a fireball in my face. ;)

I use Blue Dot with 44 mag quite a bit. Coupled with a 250 Hornady XTP, just a wonderful round with a nice, soft push recoil impulse and a deep, thunderous "boom".

12-26-2012, 18:26
I picked up some 165 grain Sierras a few years ago. I ran them in IDPA in with good results. 9.9 grains of Blue Dot ran at about 1070 fps in my G20. A fairly mild load, but a bit more snap compared to a comparable PF for a 180. Blue Dot is LOUD. I have been cursed a number of times by SOs for muzzle report.

9.9 grains does not burn super clean, with some soot to cleanup. No problems with groups or function though.

I have been messing around with Accurate no. 5 for softer stuff and have had great results thus far in 180 and 150 grains. If I were to load 165s, I would aim for about 9.0 grains and estimate velocity to around the high 1000s.