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12-16-2012, 14:50
We see this pic on every media station..............

Such a nice, innocent-looking boy. How could he have done something so evil?!

But here's another pic the media seems not to want to show..........

Yeah, the media will shape the story any which way they want it to go.

Apart from the fact that it would scare the hell out of Hannibal Lector, this shot leaves no doubt as to "why he did it": because he was as crazy as they come.
But what are we to make of this Lanza photo? What is the thinking here? Why the effort to clean up the image of a murderer who killed twenty children and seven adults? Is the media so estranged from commonplace reality that they automatically reach for the cheapest, most sentimental interpretation of an event as a matter of instinct? Or is it yet another case of ideological subterfuge, an effort to deny the shooter any form of agency, instead transferring responsibility to the demonic weapon he used? To transform him into simply another victim, driven to his crime by a force beyond his control?

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Cavalry Doc
12-16-2012, 14:56
Never seen them do that before.

Yeah, the poor little geeky kid that was overcome by the presence of an assault rifle in the house is better than the cold eyed killer in the other picture. Better to go ahead and release his postmortem shots, just to get it out there that this guy was a monster. A rabid dog that should have been put down before it decided to hurt children.

12-16-2012, 15:28
A picture is worth a thousand words is still one of the slickest marketing tools, even more than the video of a high tech world.

If you happen take a picture of someone while their eyes are blinking, then those half or 3/4 shut eyes can make it seem like the person is stoned out of their gourd. Gossip rag magazines are masters of this kind of photography.