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12-16-2012, 15:20
The law passed last December that authorizes the confiscation of any firmís assets if they do not report what an American citizen does overseas has been devastating. Americans have been thrown out of banks everywhere. In Switzerland, you have to fill out papers to open an account swearing you are not an American citizen even if you are Swiss. Americans are being thrown out of public funds and just about everything anywhere right down to safety deposit boxes.
The US government is now hunting down people who may have had one parent as an American yet they have lived outside the USA all their lives. The IRS has been hunting lineage of Canadians who had one American parent and are sending them letters informing them that by US law they should have been paying taxes their whole life to America in addition to Canada.
Virtually every other major nation does not tax worldwide income if earned outside the country under the simple theory you pay taxes to use state services. If you are not there, you do not pay. American are owned by the government no different than the days of slavery. If your parents were slaves, you were the moment you were born. We perhaps ended private ownership of people, but we did not end state ownership of people.

Some of you need to wake up quick to your new status under the new US government. Remember, slaves are not to own guns, either.

12-16-2012, 15:54
I thought this was one of those red dot blue dot categories thread.

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12-16-2012, 22:40
I was speaking with someone recently who was talking about moving to the Bahamas or to the Czech Republic. I pointed out three things to him:

1. When the European economy collapses, the EU will become a Marxist superstate.
2. When the US economy collapses, China will exploit that by taking over Southeast Asia.
3. When the US economy collapses, the government will go after "unpatriotic" Americans who have fled the country.

12-16-2012, 22:44
Another great example of why tax evaders are modern patriots.