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Black Bart
12-20-2012, 15:04
I know in the past this company had some problems but are there any fans of these rifles got one given to me as a gift. It is a K16 model with the heavy barrel. It looks like it might make a good varmint gun!

12-20-2012, 15:26
A few weeks ago I would have said...why? When there are so many other quality guns to choose from with a better reputation? But today... I'd say if you have one in front of you...BUY IT! Its just too bad you will probably pay too much for it but thats the price of living in a free market economy with supply and demand.

Black Bart
12-20-2012, 15:45
I couldn't beat the price it was free! Just mainly wanting to know if anyone has one they enjoy shooting.

12-20-2012, 15:50
A friend had one, It would NOT feed reliably but as long as you are not using it for self defense I just look at that as a nuisance rather than a huge problem. You can't beat free though. Should be fine for picking off yotes

12-20-2012, 19:07
Olys have a good reputation for accuracy.

As far as reliability, they're better than they were, it 'has' been 10+ years. But that reputation was earned. They make pretty rifles, and they can be spectacular or craptacular. No way to know till you shoot it.

As a pure range piece/varmint gun you're not depending on for survival, the gun will likely run fine, but eyeball it closely, make sure everything is as it should be.

12-20-2012, 19:16
i have had three, all were reliable and extremely accurate. friends ended up wanting them more than i did. i have a 9mm variant that uses glock mags that i bought off of a range. they had it a few years and never had an issue; so far, nether have i. same thing, when i let people shoot it they end up grinning and ask how much. the 9mm is a keeper.

12-20-2012, 23:19
Had mine for 15 trouble free years. Took it to shooting classes and never had problems. I'd trust it.

12-21-2012, 07:48
I have one that I've owned and shot for going on 6 years now with no issues.

12-21-2012, 10:00
Have had one now since 2005. Never had any issues. Took it to the range yesterday with the wife (its hers now).

It still shoots dead-on accurate with ZERO malfunctions.

12-21-2012, 10:05
I have 2 and had zero problems both were new this year. In 2006 I had one and the lower had some machine marks and the staking was not done correctly, but it ran fine

The new ones are excellent quality and any issues they had are corrected IMO. I compared it to my DD and its not as pretty, no chrome lined bolt carrier or such but it as reliable,,eating any ammo I put in it. Sort of a plain Jane no frills AR.

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