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Louisville Glocker
12-21-2012, 03:07
Firstly, I have no plans to sell any of the guns I own. But looking around, it seems like the price of guns has gone way way up in the last two weeks.

I bet the prices do drop down (hopefully), but it makes me happy that I bought when I did! And happy that I like AK's and AR's. And Saiga shotguns, etc (the kind of guns that could potentially get banned.). Every one of my guns is semi-auto.

I suppose we'll know a lot more in a month. For the record, I predict no legislation will be passed. And the prices will gradually trend downwards. But the mass hording will keep prices inflated for a long long time.

Wish I had bought a few more thousand rounds of ammo, but I'll survive....

12-21-2012, 03:13
I hope you're right. I've bought some mags last Friday and Saturday while I could and that's all. If they can do anything, big if at that, it would be a mag limit. It might become 15 or 20 rounds. I seriously doubt they can get any gun bans through. Unless the Republicrats cave in the house and senate. Which I don't think will happen

Boot Stomper
12-21-2012, 21:26
The 1994 band limited magazine capacity to 10 rounds.

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