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Glock20 10mm
12-21-2012, 14:33
So today is my last day at work... this year, which means sporadic internet for me. Which translates to you won't be annoyed by my posting very much until next year.

And while I still have a couple of hours before I head home for the last time in 2012 from the office I thought I would do something uncharacteristic of myself.

Wish you all a very safe and Merry Christmas and an exciting and fun New Year.

With all the crazy stuff going on in our own country please be safe and I look forward to more banter with the good folks here at GT... except the mods... they don't have a sense of humor. :whistling:

Okay, I keed, I jest I am laughing! All of you be well, love your family and love yourself.

Bruce M
12-21-2012, 15:06
All the best to you and yours also.

12-21-2012, 15:11
Take care and stay safe! :wavey:

Mrs. VR
12-21-2012, 15:13
A failure to be funny on your part does not constitute a lack of humor on my part.


Merry Christmas, all!

12-21-2012, 16:23
Merry Christmas everyone:wavey:

12-21-2012, 16:28
Merry Christmas!