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12-21-2012, 17:12
We should all be proud today for the youth which we advise and nurture to be
mature, self-thinking, articulate, and respectful young men. Today, I could
not be prouder to be an advisor for this youth organization.

You are all well aware of the tragedies that struck Sandy Hook last Friday.
This school is less than three miles from my home and actually sits behind
the Masonic Lodge in Sandy Hook.

Yesterday, three members of Doric Chapter along with some of their friends
went to Sandy Hook. They laid flowers at the memorials and realized that
most of the candles were out due to the weather. They went to local stores
to get candles and lighters and began to relight each of the candles. They
also bought coffee for the police officers on duty.

During their time there, they were approached by numerous reporters seeking
to do interviews. J.F. and T.B. gave an interview to about the tragedy and gun controls laws. T. also appears in a
second segment for the same news agency. Regardless of whether you agree
with their views or not we should all be proud with the way they presented
themselves and were able to express their opinions and deal with the
reporters. My understanding is that these interviews appeared live on
British TV. R.M. did an interview which was aired on Channel 30 news
at noon yesterday.

The pictures/interviews of our young men have been picked up by Reuters, USA
Today and the like. We should all be proud, as this could have been any of
our young men and it lets each of us know that we are guiding them in the
right direction.

Doric Chapter along with George Johnson Chapter has dedicated itself to
relighting the candles at these memorials after each rain or snowstorm,
until there are no candles left to light.

Anyone wishing to observe these interviews/pictures, I will be posting links
on my facebook page as soon as I can find the time.

In DeMolay,

Chairman Doric Chapter

end of original post.

Bretheren, in the face of tragedy, it fills me with joy to see this. it's good to see our youth stepping up to show what spirit our collective fraternities possess.

12-27-2012, 13:51
I'm a little confused. Is this from an article? Or your original writing? If an article, and you have the link, I'd love to see it.

12-28-2012, 17:58
I'm a little confused. Is this from an article? Or your original writing? If an article, and you have the link, I'd love to see it.

it was actually something i had found on another forum site. i wish i did have the link. i'll ask the original poster to see if there is one.

i just figured, it's good to see some of our youth hasn't lost their way.

update. it was actually a letter he had received. i wish there was a link.

12-28-2012, 21:42
No prob. If it was an article, I was going to link it on my lodge's facebook page. Always good to share positive news about the fraternity and the appendant bodies.

Thanks for checking! :wavey: