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12-22-2012, 08:26
Head of Dept. of Education and Governor would consider using armed guards at schools:

12-22-2012, 10:44
This will have to become a states rights issue.

Biden is up in DC meeting with Mayors and Police
Chiefs of the most liberal, most violent, most
gun restrictive cities, states in the United States. They
will settle for nothing less in new Imperial (Federal)
gun legislation than the laws they already have
on the books. Thus, Chicago's laws may become
the law of the land.

Shame these people project there own problems
onto the rest of the country. They need to fix
their own mess (get the log out of their own eye)
before complaining about the splinter in the eye
of others.

States HAVE TO stand up to this crap and not be
bullied into something that does not benefit the
citizens of each of the respective states.

Imagine the Imperial Federal government responsible
for issuing drivers licenses. Hunting and Fishing licenses.
Business licenses. What a disaster.

One thing I'll give Colorado and Washington state,
took big balls to stand up to the Imperium on

All the Best,
D. White