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12-22-2012, 09:09
I was given a gift of some pants for an early Christmas gift. Unfortunately they were in the wrong size. Yesterday I went to exchange them at our local Gander Mountain where they were purchased (Indianapolis, IN).

First, the parking lot was full. This was a Friday afternoon.

I went in and exchanged my pants and then decided to look around a bit.

The gun counter had a group of approximately 20 - 25 people waiting for numbers to be called. All of the sales people were making sales/showing guns. I poked my way through to the counter just to see what (if anything was still in stock), a sign posted read.

"All AR15/AK style rifles out of stock. All .223/5.56 ammo out of stock. All rifle magazines out of stock"

It was interesting to note the demographic of the people waiting. Whether or not this just happened to be a coincidence or not, but half appeared to be older and the other half appeared to be quite young. The conversation I had with one of the people waiting was a younger person, and he was buying his first gun. Wanted a S&W bodyguard. Which they had zero available.

At that point I was running out of time and needed to leave. Since .22LR was still there I decided to grab one box of CCI "Tactical" in the 375 count box. It was $26.

FYI - They this is what was still in stock.

- Plenty (and I mean plenty) of shotguns.
- 4 - 5 .22LR ARs. But no .223/5.56s.
- Large quantity of larger frame handguns.
- Used counter had 3 1911s of various makes.
- Handgun ammo was still quite full. They had these tables full of 380, 9mm, 40 and 45 of Blazer Brass.
- .22LR was readily available. Typical GndMTN prices.
- They did actually have .223 on the shelf. The sign saying they didn't have any was a bit misleading. I can't recall the manufacturer but it was someone I am not familiar with.

I had no problem finding my size of pants. Hell, no one seemed to be looking at anything clothing related.

Stay safe and happy holidays.

12-22-2012, 09:28
Went to several local gunshops yesterday and my experience mirrored yours, except that .22 ammo was scarce. I got the last box of Mini-Mags at one store.

Still some handgun ammo on the shelves at WalMart, but it was the pricier stuff.

12-22-2012, 09:43
Yes, .22LR was abundant. Now, that could be completely different today. I don't know.

I picked up a single box of the CCI 375 count "Tactical" 1200 ft/sec. rounds for $26. Not because I felt I needed to, but because I bought one of the Walter/Umarex MP5 .22s a few months back and need to feed it.

I'd say 90% of the people were looking for concealed carry weapons.

I didn't stop and look at the reloading supplies but I'd be willing to bet they were few and far between.

12-22-2012, 09:56
I went into a gander mountain last night for the first time in a long time

I was surprised to see so much ammo on the shelves. That is until I looked closer.

They had 9mm WWB value packs for 49.99, they had the 45acp WWB value packs for 69.99. They had 100rd packs of CCI minimag 22LR for $18.99, they had a 199rd can of 223 tracers for $549.

Now I know why they had ammo.

I also passed on the 10rd glock mags for $39.
I bought a bottle of hoppes 9 that was marked 9.99 on the shelf, but rang up at 10.99. Next time, I wont waste my time stopping.

12-22-2012, 10:13
I agree with you 100% on the prices.

It has been hit or miss with me at our Indy Gander MTN. I've gotten some really good (Used) firearm deals at mine. Then again, other days I've seen terrible used prices.

I don't typically ever buy ammo at Gander. This past visit being a bit of an exception because I was there.

12-22-2012, 10:14
They probably had Tul steel-cases stuff in stock. The GM near me had some the other day.