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12-23-2012, 11:03
From this point on, we need a simple statement to sum up our position on pending gun control legislation. Here it is.

The previous assault weapons ban had no effect on crime whatsoever. The various state level bans have also had no effect on crime. The guns covered by these bans are infrequently used in crimes to begin with. Using statistical outliers to base legislation on is not prudent governance.

Don't engage in emotional arguments, just present simple, irrefutable facts.

12-23-2012, 11:12
I agree with the OP, but what scares me, is that if the leftist realize that the previous AWB didn't "work" then the logical solution would be to ban ALL firearms. I can live without a bayonet lug on my AR, but I think this time, they will try to grab them all.:upeyes:

I've got everything I "need" and enough mags to last me out, but will do what I can to make sure the younger crowd who hasn't had time or the money yet to get their stuff.

Even though LaPeirre stepped all over his private parts on TV, join the NRA, GOA and write or contact your congressmen and senators.