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clint curtis
12-24-2012, 08:52
How about requiring that when an area is declared a gun free zone, whoever declared it gun free would be responsible for securing that area with some sort of armed security. It seems to me that no area should be left vulnerable, especially schools.

What do you think?

12-24-2012, 09:18
I actually had the exact same idea in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy. While not my preferred outcome (where everyone can carry ANYWHERE), it is a compromise that does balance private property rights (the right of a property owner to not have people carrying on his private property) with the right of people to be "secure in their persons".

The way I see it, by saying I don't have a right to carry the tools to defend myself, then the "banners" are already making the defacto promise to assume responsibility for my safety. In short, anyone hurt in a "gun free zone" in a manner that could have been prevented had the victim been able to carry, then they shoudl be able to bring lawsuits against the banning entity for being negligent in their duty to protect after assuming responsibilty for the victim's safety by posting the ban.

Clear as mud?

clint curtis
12-24-2012, 09:43
Total right to carry is what us gun guys would like. The above ideas are a compromise that I could live with, and would do more good to keep the kids safe, than ALL the "ban guns & clips" idiots ideas combined.

Keep the kids safe......don' use their tragic deaths to take another step closer to getting rid of our founding fathers second amendment.

clint curtis
12-25-2012, 13:10
If you can legally take away my right to bear arms on your premises, I, or my survivors, should have the right to sue you if things go wrong because I couldn't protect myself, and YOU didn't protect me.