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12-24-2012, 14:24
I have never used them but they get good reviews and they are in stock.


ARFCOM for discount.

FREE-GRND for free shipping on any order over $99



12-24-2012, 14:47
Nearly $20 for steel GI mags?

No thanks.

12-24-2012, 15:01
I know what you mean. I have enough mags but for those that dont and feel they may be banned and dont want to pay what they are going for on gunbroker then this is a fair price.
I just dont see usgi mags going 10 for $89 like a few weeks ago. Until all this blows over, stocks are replenished and there is actually a surplus again they will be up in price.

EDIT: with discounts, 177.65 shipped for 10 mags

12-24-2012, 15:01
Nearly $20 for steel GI mags?

No thanks.
yea prices are stupid right now, I ordered the 10 for 100 DSG deal on pmags at the beginning of the month and I think that will hold me over for 1 AR. those mags look nice but I'll wait until they are under 10 each to get some

12-24-2012, 22:01
They look like decent mags even for the price. I have a weird habbit of buying at least 1 of every different type of AR mag I find (except for brands that are known to be junk), so I already have more than I could ever use. I'm trying not to spend any more money this month so these probably won't be in stock by then.