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12-25-2012, 23:36
Hey guys- me again,
So about 4 months ago I took apart the trigger on my 10/22 and stoned and polished my sear and hammer to drop the trigger from 8lbs to 2.5 approximately. Here is the issue, the trigger after a box of rounds failed to reset and couldn't be pushed forward either. Racking the bolt back I could fire the gun one round at a time, I did this until, to
my dismay, the gun went full auto.

Anybody that is having these slam fire issues, I have the fix. I took apart my trigger housing, flipped the trigger reset spring and gave it a little stretch (2 coils) and then I thought the sear and hammer may be too smooth so I took a Sharp screw driver and gave a slight indent to both parts. It increased the pull by .36 ounces. However now it has zero issues. Cleaned up and works great. No mote trigger or auto problems. Hope this helps anyone having similar issues.

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12-26-2012, 10:00
Very cool :cool:

Glad to hear

12-26-2012, 13:33
You trust that gun to be safe?

12-26-2012, 14:03
Yupppppp, absolutely safe...well I have shot it around 6000 rounds now with zero problems. Shot 2000 rounds this weekend alone, the thing runs like a champ. I have ordered another spring to see if a new one also will work. Will update. But the indent on the sear and trigger is my new favorite trick. It gives the trigger a smooth pull, with a clean lockup. Feels like a oem part at 2.5 lbs. And this issue is known on all trigger types from volq parts to power customs, so this may help eliminate the issues.

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12-26-2012, 14:10
One trick to test your trigger is pull down your trigger, and wrack the bolt. With the bolt charged, and in firing position let go of the trigger. It should make a click. With my volq parts the "click" noise isnt as prominent. With the slight groove on the trigger and sear its a very strong engagement of the trigger and sear and it shows with a definite "click"