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12-28-2012, 15:29
I just got back from the range and finished cleaning the new stainless Single Six 6.5" convertible revolver. I have been on the fence a while, having heard about possible accuracy issues but I finally took the plunge and gambled with a new one.

There were a few things I didn't like when I got it. The cylinder holes were tight to load. Figuring possible manufacturing burrs at the mouth, I polished each hole from the backside with a chamber mop and Flitz on a drill motor on low speed. I removed no metal, just polished away until the cylinders were mirror shiney. That took care the loading issues. The rounds dropped in by gravity slicker than snot on glass. :pepper:

Next, as a precaution, I polished the forcing cone only, using the same process but pulling the mop tight against it from the front, using an aluminum cleaning rod and plastic mop jag on a drill motor on low speed. Close examination shows no potential flaws, though it's hard to see that area anyway. After doing a "poor man's trigger job", it was then off to the range.

Temp was 32 deg. F with a wind from the north making it a whopping preceived 22 deg. I brought Federal bulk ammo (blue box) to try out this first time. Results ? EXCELLENT ! After getting the feel for shooting a cowboy style gun, my groups were running about 1.5" consistently, as long as I could control the shakes from freezing. :supergrin: I ran about 7 to 8 cylinders through this little jewel before I could no longer feel my fingers, then I packed it up. Never were the chambers hard to load. The polishing I think reduced the propensity for carbon buildup in the chambers and the rounds continued to load without effort through all reloads.

I wish I would have picked one of these up sooner. I'm sure when good weather gets here my groups will improve for lack of numb fingers. :whistling: I really think this thing can shoot as good as my MKIII and can't wait for decent weather to put it to the test. If you're on the fence about a Single Six, go get one. They are a hoot to shoot ! :wavey:

12-28-2012, 15:32
I wanted to add, I was considering the possibility of a Paco Kelly tool if I wasn't pleased with the accuracy. That just won't be necessary now. :)

12-28-2012, 15:36
Nothing worse than trying to shoot well when your hands are turning blue.

Nice work!! Thanks for taking one for the team.:supergrin:

12-28-2012, 15:41
Haha, thanks Berto. ;)

12-28-2012, 16:14
I have one and love it. You must have excellent taste.


Bill Keith
12-29-2012, 10:03
Congratulations! Just wait till you some some 22 WMR through it! Twice as fun:wavey:

The Fed
12-29-2012, 10:12
This could be the only type of gun you're allowed to own if Obama gets his way.

12-29-2012, 10:18
I just can't wait for turtle season. ;)

12-29-2012, 14:37
.22 mag kicks ass on clams, too.

12-29-2012, 14:56
LOL ! Clams, huh ? Red Lobster really wouldn't appreciate me poppin' rounds in the dining hall. ;)

Not many places to find 'em otherwise. I bet it does make a mess on 'em though. LOL !

01-02-2013, 23:20
Very nice

Congrats! :cool:

01-02-2013, 23:53
Thanks bac !