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12-29-2012, 15:00
Looking for a fire/burglary safe for jewelry, handguns, a couple of rifles and ammunition. Don't want something huge so if I had to give up rifle space, I would. Looking for best value per dollar. Thanks for your recommendations!

12-29-2012, 15:16
What would you call huge? I have a cannon safe that is around 30" wide and 60" tall it works great

12-29-2012, 15:43
Make informed decisions..

GUN SAFES "THE TRUTH" weaponseducation - YouTube

12-29-2012, 16:23
There are differences in safes based on your intended use. Do you want to keep the contents out of your kids or the neighborhood kids hands? Are you gone from home for hours/days at a time? Can you get the safe to an area where it cannot be carried out by 2 or 3 guys?

You can find good, inexpensive, fire resistant safes (not lockers) for $350-$500. But they can be breeched in a matter of an hour with a gas cut off saw or torch.

You can get an excellent safe that will take hours to move and breech for $1000-$5000.

In other words: Do you want to keep kids out and slow the thief down or virtually stop access to your valuables.

Determine your need and that will determine your safe.

12-29-2012, 16:27
get the biggest and the best you can actually afford and then bolt it into the floor. get an alarm system for your house too.

12-29-2012, 20:02
get the biggest and the best you can actually afford and then bolt it into the floor. get an alarm system for your house too.

I have a killer, monitored, cell dialing alarm system. So I'm trying to buy an hour burglary time (to breech) and fire protection. Based on this, what brands offer the best protection for the dollar? Thanks! Great points by all.

12-30-2012, 16:58
Cmon, what are you guys using?

01-08-2013, 16:44
I won't post what type of safe I have on the internet but you can find a Centurion safe made by Liberty for about $325 at Lowes or a Field & Stream brand at Dicks or any other sporting goods outlet for about the same price (if you wait for a sale). Just two examples.

01-08-2013, 16:56
Cmon, what are you guys using?

The fella in the video is in Deerfield Beach FL, I'll be visiting his shop in the near future. From what he recommends is a Rhinosafe, bolted to the floor professionally. The rhino is for the cheap skates. You want higher quality Fort Knox, you want the best Graffunder. If you want something cheap to keep out of the hands of kids, liberty seems the way to go.