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12-31-2012, 13:23
A friend let me borrow The Walking Dead (Season 1) about a year ago. I sat down and watched the whole DVD pack. Damn, as I hooked. I was a like a fiend, waiting for another hit of crack when the credits hit for the CDC episode in Atlanta.

Well, today, I started Season 2. I'm @ Episode 3 and damn. I've been tense for quite some time.

All this gun **** has kept me uneasy now for about two weeks. I wanted to relax, but this isn't helping. Then, there's the fact that I'm waiting on a shipment for a SCAR 17s w/ 17 mags.

My nerves are on edge. Damn -- this is an awesome show! :wow:

12-31-2012, 13:37
I like The Walking Dead, but some of the guys I work with REALLY like it. One of the younger guys got pissed at me because I told him The Walking Dead was good but it was no Riptide. He said he'd never heard of Riptide and he'd check it out. Once he did, well, lets just say he no longer engages me in conversation about tv shows.:rofl:

12-31-2012, 15:42
USMCSilver -- congratulations on discovering one of the best shows on television!

You'll be glad to know that the show hasn't lost any momentum as of Season 3 (which is now in mid-season hiatus till February 2013). :)