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12-31-2012, 17:19
b 4 spring i will trade my 98 outback , with only under 140,000 miles on it , for a newer model subaru .... more likely in the 2006-20010 year range .
starting to do a little shopping at the present .

questions :
how much worse is the gas mileage on the subaru 6 cyl. than their standard 4 cyl. model ?

how good is reliability / life span of the 6 compared to the 4 cyl. ?

am considering a forester model .... they are more reasonable priced than the outback somewhat .
what differences in the 2 models are there ?
does the forester handle worse , since it seems to sit higher in profile ?
does the forester have more ground clearance ?

like the looks of the outback better but could live with either model
let me know the info/experiences you have on these two different models might help me decide on the model best to suit my needs
thanks in advance

12-31-2012, 17:39
Do you have one rainbow sticker or two? :supergrin:

12-31-2012, 18:24
I found this brief comparison when I was looking at Subaru's.

12-31-2012, 18:48
wondering how much of that info applies to a subaru that is a little older model year ?

12-31-2012, 19:02
What's wrong with what you have?

12-31-2012, 19:47
You won't find a 6cyl Forester in MY 2006-2010. Only the 4cyl in those model years. The wife and I bought a 2008 Forester in 2008. The car was brand new. We have put over 111,000 miles on it since. I've used it to tow a 2000 lb boat (2500 with all the gear and stuff), haul the kids and their stuff around; dogs and their stuff, etc. I've done all maintenance at the intervals listed within the owners manual, and so far no problems.

Sorry I couldn't answer the questions regarding the gas mileage difference, ride height, etc.

12-31-2012, 20:08
I have a friend who just bought a 2004 Outback with 80k miles. He's totally in love with it and can't say anything bad about it at all.

I have another friend who bought a brand new '12 Forester. She loves it so far, even took it up into the snow on Mount Charleston. No problems, didn't get stuck and comfortably sits her kid, her fiancee's 2 kids, her and the fiancee.

12-31-2012, 21:54
Try for all your subie needs...

12-31-2012, 23:10
We bought my wife an 08 Impreza wagon a few months ago. The thing is awesome. On the ice and snow, wow. Love this car, what a blast to drive. Gets about 25mpg on average with AWD however it's the 2.5 four banger. I am sold on subies for sure.