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01-01-2013, 19:26
I have a search engine virus that will redirect me to some obscene or stupid website when using Google or any other search engine. Anyone ever have one and figure out what the solution is other than letting a computer shop rip you for $125.00?

01-01-2013, 19:35
Try downloading AVG antivirus and then let it run a check for infected files. You can usually get a free version online. You can buy a better version that will give you better protection for a reasonable price.

01-01-2013, 19:36

stop looking up Pron :rofl::rofl:

01-01-2013, 19:37
Those are hard as hell to get rid of.

Are you using firefox? Go to your add ins, and see if there is anything weird there and get rid of it. That's how i fixed it the most recent time i got it.

01-01-2013, 20:03
Safe mode > Malware Bytes > Stop searching porn without a antivirus.

01-01-2013, 20:06
Malwarebytes won't remove most Google redirect virus's. It's most likely caused by a root kit which malwarebytes has a hard time detecting. Download and use tds killer and hitman pro (select 30 day free trial, 1 time scan). Those are 2 very good programs that remove 90% of root kits I am presented with. You may need to run rkill first in case you have a different virus as well.

You could also look into replacing your hosts file or running combo fix.
I suggest you back up first.

Good luck...

01-01-2013, 20:09
AVG and Malewarebytes are both great, but they're about worthless against the Redirect virus.

Try running ComboFix ( Works incredibly well.

01-01-2013, 20:16
malwarebytes and hitmanpro both work well.

I for sure know they fix the "your camera is looking at you" virus that in no way possible could be caused by pron........

01-01-2013, 20:16
I had one of those on my Mac's safari browser. I used Sophos anti-virus and got rid of them.

01-01-2013, 20:20
is it myzor 32, by any chance?

01-01-2013, 21:07
Windows 7 restore point before virus install

OS reinstall

01-01-2013, 21:23
I had one of those on my Mac's safari browser. I used Sophos anti-virus and got rid of them.

Really? I've never ran anti-virus on my mac, and I've not had any problems.