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01-02-2013, 13:04
Most of us here probably (I assume) have a pretty accurate inventory of our firearms and maybe even ammo.

But do you have a documented inventory of your home contents that might be needed after a natural disaster?

I'd be curious what format you have it in (spreadsheet, dedicated computer program, etc.) And do you have a copy off-site?

Just curious...

Having been laid off recently, it sounds like a worthwhile project I might undertake soon.

John Rambo
01-02-2013, 13:14
Whatever format its in, you had better encrypt the hell out of it. And don't forget what the key is.

01-02-2013, 13:15
I have a WORD document and digital pictures of all weapons. Unfortunately USAA no longer provides riders for the weapons. I know the NRA has a good insurance program, will be my next firearm related purchase. I really need to document my ammo and accessories though, since they seem to have appreciated significantly in the last 2 weeks. All stored on a thumb drive off site.