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01-02-2013, 15:07
Is there any simple way to draw a political cartoon? Maybe some sort of web-based program or are all the good ones hand-drawn?

I have a few ideas but lack the artistic skill or know-how to get them down on paper.


01-02-2013, 15:51
Can't speak for any software that may exist, but short of learning to draw or having a friend do the artwork. My suggestion is to just do stick figures for the time being and learn to doodle. If the jokes are good enough the drawings won't matter as much.

Not political, but XKCD seems to do a decent job just doing stick figures. Some cartoonists even go as far as just using what looks like paper cutouts/dolls. Whereas, maybe someday you can do something nicer like

Shoot, John Callahan was a paraplegic and did a decent job with his scribbles. Beyond that, maybe check out the forums on Filibuster, Penny Arcade, PVP Online or possibly even Nodwick and possibly ask there.