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01-02-2013, 16:11
Declaration of Disarmament !
I wish I'd spent more time learning and honing my PC skills !

If I knew how to share this some other way , I would but , GO THERE !

Subject Matter: General and Complete Disarmament !
Alex Jones Show

I'm not one to worry about much but this did get my attention !

01-02-2013, 16:18
More of the same old bs. I don't trust the source at all.

01-02-2013, 16:23
I'm not one to "CRY WOLF" ! Look at it , don't look at it ! :dunno:
I did get my attention and thought it worth a look .

Katrina DID happen and so DID the after-math !-?

01-02-2013, 17:03
Infowars with alex jones is conspiracy theory stuff that isnt a reliable source at all.

Also, your link doesnt work.