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01-04-2013, 03:42
Thinking about pickin one up for some fun cheap shooting.
I've seen people say they are great rifles but seen a couple say they would recommend them. Any help? Or any other .22 rifles that are accurate out of the box?

01-05-2013, 10:33
Most of the Savage rimfires shoot rather well, but like anything massed produced, once in a while you get one that won't shoot under 1" @50yrds with any ammo without some work. You can pick up a standard MK II for under $200 and purchase the Boyds TactiCool stock(Boyds makes the TR stock for Savage) and have the "TR" model for about $100 less than buying the "TR" outright. It is best to replace the factory Savage bottom metal(plate around the magazine) with one from DIProducts ( because the factory one is just junk. DIProducts ( makes a number of really nice upgrades and none are made overseas!

For something other than a Savage that shoots VERY well straight out of the box is one of the CZ rimfire rifles like the 452 or the newer 455 although slightly more expensive than the Savage.

Hope this helps