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01-04-2013, 22:37
Please tell me about these barrels.

I understand they are somewhat limited or rare?

Are they worth any more than a standard barrel?

Are they something to hold onto?

What's the scoop?


DJ Niner
01-04-2013, 23:29
I assume you are talking about a Ruger-factory-manufactured barrel?

Sounds like the barrel from the 10/22 that Walmart sold as an exclusive for a while. Deluxe checkered wood stock and a 22" stainless barrel. I've never seen the barrels offered/sold separately, but I imagine one pops up on an auction site every now and then.

I had one of the guns a couple of years after they first started selling them. I wasn't all that impressed with the accuracy of mine, and I sold it within a year. It does make the 10/22 more of a rifle than a carbine, and it changes the balance a bit, but other than that, not much difference.