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Jade Falcon
01-09-2013, 21:16
Is there anything more beautiful than Gold & Silver, together, when it comes to guns and ammo?

I cleaned my Ruger GP100 for the first time the other night, and thought "Damn! That a purty gun!". I really put some hard-core elbow grease on this thing, but it still has the littlest of carbon-rings on the very outer edges of the front face of the cylinder. You really have to look to see them. My Carbon-Cloth is almost completely covered in carbon-build up now. I might have to go buy a new one...

Anyways...I got the urge to take some cell phone pictures last night of the Ruger, along with some Underwood 125gr. GDHPs on my kitchen counter. I liked the way the flourecent lighting lit up the gun and ammo best.

I took some pictures with the flash on, and some with the flash off. Different angles, and even a couple of the revolver loaded (pointed in a safe direction; nothing near the trigger).

So how about you? What goes well with your Silver & Gold? Do you have a silver gun, and a gold belt-buckle? Or maybe a bunch of gold bullets with a silver gun, like myself?

Post pictures!


Jade Falcon
01-09-2013, 21:19

01-09-2013, 21:40

01-09-2013, 21:53

Well there's really no point in me posting anything after seeing this... very nice!

Jade Falcon
01-10-2013, 19:55

Dude! Nice! I've always wanted a Infinity Gold! I hear thier Tikki compact carry pistol is very rare.