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Angel King
01-13-2013, 22:42
I am well versed with both the Smith and the Glock as I have carried both on patrol, but want to get your thoughts on the M&P platform.

01-13-2013, 22:46
I have an M&P40c. It is a solid little gun.

01-13-2013, 22:53
Solid Period

01-13-2013, 23:00
I like the M&P ergonomics but I found out that my Glocks are more accurate than the S&W so, I got rid of the M&P.

Angel King
01-13-2013, 23:09
Yah, the ergos of the Smith are far better IMO. And accuracy is far better than I can hold it steady (Glock, or Smith). The trigger return spring on my Smith broke after only 2000 rounds which made me lose some confidence in it. Otherwise, it has never malfunctioned. I fixed it, but now I have a NIB gen4 G22 sitting here for me to decide which one will accompany me out at night.

Andy W
01-13-2013, 23:35
I have an M&P 9mm full size. Only hiccup roughly 2000 rounds was a FTRTB at 1K rounds which I suspect was caused by an out of spec round. Nothing since then.

Angel King
01-14-2013, 00:03
Mine sometimes 'sticks' slightly while returning into battery, but barely noticeable. I just ordered a new recoil spring to help it forward.

01-14-2013, 06:15

01-14-2013, 06:53
The M&P is a great pistol.

01-14-2013, 17:20
Had Glocks now have M&P's

High Altitude
01-14-2013, 17:31
Have owned and shot Glocks since the early 90s.

Own several glocks.

I love glocks, carry glocks, shoot them in competition etc....

I also own several M&P pistols.

The M&P is every bit as good, if not better, IMHO.

The only part that bugs me, is there is no M&P the same size and capacity as glocks compact 19, 23 etc......

This is the biggest mistake S&W made.

01-14-2013, 18:17
I have three M&P's and one of them is a standard .40S&W with the 4.25" barrel. Excellent gun and shines in the .40 caliber.

01-16-2013, 04:03
I bought one back in October and while I enjoy it, it's not perfect. (I wrote a long review already). I had to buy an apex tactical sear and spring kit because the 6.5lb trigger was just not acceptable to me. I hated the way the trigger felt too, it was a lot of takeup, then gritty, inconsistently squishy trigger pull before it finally broke with a good deal of overtravel.

One thing I didn't mention in my review is my left rear dot actually has a center black spot. to me, it looks like they drilled out the sight dots then filled them with white paint and that one happened to bubble and not fill the center of the dot. It's only noticeable if you are inspecting it really close-up.

as of this writing, I have put 1500 rounds thru the gun. The first 600 were done in a single week without cleaning and it started to have problems going into battery. I had a few cases that were struck out of battery causing a very light, and high (on the primer) strike. a quick wipe and oiling solved that. (nte once we caught on, we were able to take the effort to nudge the slide forward when it didn't close fully and all was fine.). The gun shows little wear overall. The slide stop lever is finally usable with only a single finger (man that thing was stiff!) and the frame rails have some shiny spots on top but they aren't completely flattened. The barrel looks much like my Glock barrel did after just 200 rounds! there's very light marks in the finish which I find very impressive.

so, would I buy another? yes! but if it's a carry gun, keep it clean. Unless you buy the pro series version, the trigger will be heavy.

01-17-2013, 00:44
I absolutely love my exo glock 19, but my m&p 40 with crimson laser grip and apex trigger upgrade, speechless is all i can say. Most accurate.40 i have owned. I'm just waiting on a storm lake threaded barrel to try out my new silencerco osprey .40 suppressor.

Angel King
01-17-2013, 00:47
Put a laser on the G19 and it will also be accurate. Lol, sorry, I had to.