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01-14-2013, 05:19
Hi there. I was out yesterday feeding some lead to my new G26 (Gen 4). I was using Blazer Brass FMJ 115 grain, right out of the box. I have used many thousands of such rounds with no problems, through my G17, BerettaPX4 (now sold), and Kel-tec PF9.

I noticed that the rounds were keyholing at 25 feet. WTF? Never had that happen before. There was no keyholing with my Speer Gold Dot 124 gr rounds...but who can afford to shoot that stuff......

I see some reloaders have reported some keyholing with certain bullets....what about anyone here who uses Blazer brass through a G26?


HK Dan
01-14-2013, 09:07
The only time I've seen them keyhole is when they were seated too long and then seated deeper without pulling and rebelling the case. Those keyholed as close as 5 yards.