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01-14-2013, 14:14
I have a 10-8 fiber optic front sight on a G19. Over the course of a few magazines the fiber rod walks out the front of the sight. How can I best secure the FO rod in the sight? Thanks.

01-14-2013, 17:01
Taken from the Dawson Precision FAQ page (check if you have .06 or .04 fiber optic rods, which are readily available from shops carrying competition accessories):

"Installation of replacement fiber is an easy operation:

Remove the broken fiber from the sight.

Insert replacement fiber from the muzzle end and leave approx. 1/16 inch sticking out (the more you leave sticking out the bigger the dot).

Melt the end with a cigarette lighter.

Hold the melted end tight against the sight and cut the end closest to the muzzle, leaving 1/16 overhang.

Melt the muzzle end of the fiber while holding the fiber tightly against the sight. It is important to make sure that the fiber is snug in the sight with no play back and forth. A loose fiber will break very quickly."

01-14-2013, 23:02
Thanks. It worked.