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01-14-2013, 14:24
While a long time gun owner, this is the first gun that I have actually purchased. G19 Gen 4. I'm on the hunt for a G26 gen 4 for my wife.

Now I just need to find a decent range and get some time in....

As a side note, this store was had no 26's and sold 4 19 Gen 4s in the 30 min that I was there.

SJ 40
01-14-2013, 14:45
Welcome and Congrats on your new G 19,a Great choice. SJ 40

01-14-2013, 14:55
How is your wife going to carry it?

This is how I carry my G26 but I doubt your wife will be using an IWB holster like mine.

Comp-tac Minotaur

01-14-2013, 15:02
For right now, she is not going to carry it. She is pretty new to shooting and needs some time to get more proficient and more comfortable with shooting altogether.

Carrying will come later, both of us need to get our CCW.

However, her profession prevents her from carrying (at this time) so the opportunity to carry is limited right now to stuff outside of work.

01-14-2013, 15:06
Congratulations. Good luck as your search for a G26 continues.

01-14-2013, 15:21
Congratulations. Lets all be careful out there.

01-14-2013, 15:33
That goes without question!!

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01-14-2013, 16:14
I'm on the hunt for a G26 gen 4 for my wife . . . She is pretty new to shooting and needs some time to get more proficient and more comfortable with shooting altogether.
Did you or she choose the G26? Has she shot it alongside a G19 or G17? I ask because many new shooters hold the nice small subcompacts and assume they will be the easiest to control. However, the lighter weight makes the perceived recoil greater than with a heavier gun, and the shorter barrel results in more muzzle rise/flip. Also, most people can't get all their fingers on the G26 grip. I normally think of a subcompact as having the advantage only when it comes to ease of concealment, but if that is not the planned use . . .

Your wife's early experiences will decide whether she takes a long term interest in shooting, or decides it's not for her. Even a .22 conversion kit for your G19 might ease her into it.

01-14-2013, 16:29
Yes, she has shot a sig 229 and liked the feel, but not the size. She shot the 19 and the 26 and prefers the smaller size of the 26. I wanted her to try the Nano, but we have not found anyone that has one AND a range to try it out.
The plan is for grip extensions on the mags.
She may decide to CCW later. At that time she can keep or remove the extensions based on how she will carry and her comfort.
Ultimately, if she only ever uses for target shooting I am fine with that. Really, it's up to her.
I also want to get my kids 12 & 8, more comfortable with shooting. My son has shot 1911's, .22's and 20g. Daughter 8, is pretty decent with a .22.
After my wife, I think a decent .22 is in order for the kids to learn on.

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01-14-2013, 16:37
Sounds like you did a thorough job of evaluating her needs/wants.

01-14-2013, 16:46
Thanks, I knew that if she didn't make the decsion, she would never like it. I read numerous forums about men picking guns for wives with no input. To a T every one I read said it was the wrong way to go about it.

01-14-2013, 17:53
Great choice. The G19 is one hell of a well rounded pistol.

01-14-2013, 17:57
Excellent choice of self defense weapons.

You will not be sorry. They are reliable and simple. Just respect the trigger.

01-14-2013, 20:05
Good on you! And... good on her, too!

01-14-2013, 20:23
Good job Mojo. My wife keeps a gun in her vehicle but does not carry as of yet. That gun had been a LCP for the past couple of years. I recently bought my first Glock and she went with me to shoot one day.

She shot a mag out of the LCP and had enough. (Not the best pattern either) I asked if she wanted to try my G21 as it was going to be the new house gun. She was up for it and surprised me by center punching a nice group center of mass. We talked it over and I picked up a G19. She didn't shoot it first, but really likes it. A 26 and 17 are in our future, but she actually enjoyed the 19 enough that she is getting into it and plans to take her concealed carry class in Feb/March. Couldn't be happier!(Me that is)

01-14-2013, 20:33
Congrats on the G19! The G26 is a great choice for your wife and my wife likes mine alot. She prefers the Springfield EMP 9mm more tho.

01-14-2013, 22:55

The G19 is my favorite Glock.