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01-15-2013, 22:38
The beginnings of my g35 build. Goin local with arredondo and glockworx parts and accessories.
V4 race connector
14lb red spring
Super heavy magwell
Base pads+0(5) i shoot limited 10
Ss guide rod.
Competition spring kit


My question....whats next?? Fulcrum trigger and bar? Or sights? Or what?

Ps can someone help me figure out how to apply this skateboard grip tape to my g35?? I refuse to pay for someone else to do it. Thanks!

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01-16-2013, 00:01
I went with the carver trigger and love it. I built an open class gun out of my g22. Not sure what all you can do in limited 10

01-16-2013, 00:10
Just the trigger or is it a drop in kit?

I cant stand the dot. I feel like im cheating.

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01-16-2013, 00:14
It's a drop in kit. It still has all the safety's in place. Been thinkin bout sendin it to cylinder and slide and gettin it worked over for a crisp no pretravel trigger job.
I do like the trigger that is in it but would like it to be similar to a 1911

01-16-2013, 22:24
Anyone apply their own grip tape?

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01-17-2013, 06:06
Avoid using the Zev striker spring from the Competition Kit on the stock Glock striker. It can result in some light primer strikes.

I went with the Stainless Fulcrum Trigger kit on my G35 and couldn't be happier. Sorry--can't help with the grip tape, but I can't imagine it's anything other than peel and stick?

01-17-2013, 06:17
Interesting. Maybe I'll get their skeletonized striker too. Thanks for that. I guess youre right but its not pre cut. Its skateboard tape. Nervous ill cut it all weird. Im no artsy type.

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01-17-2013, 06:31
I like their striker. But the huge difference is the trigger. The pre-travel is all but gone, and the everything is just so smooth. Reset is also quick and positive.

I actually took my original G35 trigger, and upgraded my wife's G19 with it and the v4 race connector and competition spring kit. The G19 trigger is also better now (I really hated that serrated trigger), but there is still that long pre-travel.

Here's a guide to making a paper template for your grip tape! (