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View Full Version : Glock with a DN12X Keep or sell?

01-17-2013, 21:04
Would folks on here consider this to eventually be a collectors item? I have had this since 1998 and its in almost perfect condition. I bought at a pawn shop for about 250.00.

I have spent quiet a bit of time on this site reading that the DN batch was the first sold so was thinking I should keep it vs. selling to buy a new firearm. It seems the folks in here are very smart with the Glock brand and have spent a lot of time on research etc., so I value your thoughts.

Its a 9MM with a 15 round clip and shoot great but need to send it in to Glock as it never had the recall work done. I just talked with them last Friday so will be sending it soon, then decide on selling or not.

SJ 40
01-17-2013, 22:54
Welcome to G T ! I wouldn't but that's just me,if you want a new gun by all means go for it but I would never part with the Glock you have now. SJ 40

.38 super
01-17-2013, 23:00
I would never sell this thing... I would never even replace the old parts...

01-17-2013, 23:36
Gonna need to see a picture of it! :)

01-18-2013, 08:25
I will upload some pics and also the internals as I think they were never replaced from the recall.

01-18-2013, 09:00
keep the internals. find an armorer to do the changes instead