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01-18-2013, 23:20
Hey all, purchased my first glock last weekened G 23 Gen 4 and am finally going to get some ammo down range this weekend. My choices on range ammo was limited in my area to 165gr WWB or 180gr Blazer Brass. I was told by a co-worker (who is in LE and carries a G 22 and 27) not to use the aluminum Blazer Brass. Anyone ever have any issues with the WWB out of the gate with a new glock.

Thanks for any input.

01-18-2013, 23:24
I had no probs with any Blazer in my G19 Gen4. Only thing that bothered me was WWB 115gr. But since you're shooting .40, I think Blazer is fine. Try Remington, Lawman, whatever you like. Took my 19 some breaking in to stop the occasional brass to the head. That and proper care/cleaning