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01-19-2013, 13:37
Glock after getting my 36 back a second time and keeping it 3 weeks has agreed to send me a gen 4 G30 in place of it as requested . So far customer service has been great . I was hoping to get some feed back from gen 4 G30 owners . And was also wondering why so many different G30 models being produced from Glock ? Thanks for any replies .

01-19-2013, 14:07
So many? there are 4 models of 30's and 4 models of 21's:

Gen3 G30
Gen3 G30SF
Gen4 G30
Gen4 G30S

Gen3 G21
Gen3 G21C
Gen3 G21SF
Gen4 G21

I am confident you will like and enjoy the Gen4 G30.:wavey:

01-19-2013, 14:26
The G30S frame is the Gen3 G30SF frame. I would classify the G30S as a Gen3 pistol.

8ptbuk, I'm envious that a G30 Gen4 is on the way to you. We have two G30 Gen4 pistols on order to upgrade from our G30SF pistols that will be gifted to relatives.

The G30SF model introduced in 2008 and G30S model in 2013 were Glock's answer to customer requests/complaints to reduce the grip size (G30SF) and slide width and overall weight (G30S) of the original G30 pistol to suit a wider range of hand sizes and for easier conceal carry.

The G30 Gen4 is just right for my needs because it combines the smaller grip with the heavier, wider slide that I require for a 10mm and .460 Rowland conversion and an RMR sight. Conceal carry of the G30SF hasn't been a problem for me with a good gun belt and IWB holster. Gen4 improves upon the G30SF with a more aggressive grip texture that is easier to grip when wet and a larger mag release that is easier to reach in my hand. The Gen4 grip texture is also going to help me hang on to the pistol more securely when shooting 10mm and .460 Rowland.