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01-19-2013, 14:13
So what does everyone think about the Glock 38? Found one at my local LEO firearms dealer for $414.00 and couldn't resist buying it. Any good experiences to share about it? I've never had a .45 and am excited to hit the range soon. 230546
Bottom right of picture. The others are G26's...

01-19-2013, 14:18
Have shot one once and looking for a OD model myself.

I love the way they shoot. Far nicer than the G36 I had. Ammo can be hard to find but most dealers I have asked(which didn't have on their shelves) said they will carry a few boxes for me. Usually not a problem to find ammo online either but most reload.

01-19-2013, 14:27
Some good info here in the Bull Dawgs Club.

01-19-2013, 14:28
Thanks! That's great stuff.

01-19-2013, 14:45
Looks nice. Congratulations.

01-19-2013, 14:49
Congrats, I really like the G38.


01-19-2013, 15:23
I LOVE my G38. Congrats on a great pistol!!

Shhhh, I hear GAP-O-PHOBES coming!

01-19-2013, 17:38
Congrats on your new G38. I sold mine and I regret It to this day. I plan on getting another one soon.

01-19-2013, 18:18
My Gen4 19 has been living in the safe ever since I bought my 38. The only gun I carry off duty now is my 38.

01-19-2013, 18:29
One of Glocks finest.......

01-19-2013, 19:46
Congrats on the G38.

01-19-2013, 20:36
My G38 and G39 have been amazing.

01-19-2013, 20:49
Does it help to have a stronger recoil spring since the stock one is not as strong as my double recoil spring on the G26? It seems a lot easier to lock the slide back on the G38 than others.

01-19-2013, 20:58
Leave it stock, my Glock 38 has functioned 100% with everything I've fed to it.

01-19-2013, 21:26
My G38 is the most accurate Glock that I've ever owned and shot. It has the same recoil spring as the G19-G23-G32.

01-20-2013, 04:36
While I prefer the 39 in GAP, the 38 is a great pistol. You'll enjoy it. They are great shooters.

01-20-2013, 10:53
Thanks for all the raving reviews. I'm happy with my purchase.

ca survivor
01-20-2013, 11:36
Congrats, were you able to find ammo?

01-20-2013, 11:54
I haven't looked yet. However I've seen it at Wally world a few times.