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Tom D
01-19-2013, 22:47
So I've looked at about everything available in fixed and I know I don't want anything electronic.

Ive had my eyes checked and my glasses are trifocals that do not allow me to focus on the front.

Today i put a piece of yellow electricians tape on the face of the front then used a ultra fine Sharpie and made a tiny mark about the size of a pin head centered at the upper edge.

When I take off my prescriptions and just wear safety eye wear I get a perfect crisp front sight picture. I set up my rest at 20 yards and shot an .800" 10 rd group. I'm thinking of talking my slide to an Optometrist and see if I can find a prescription that will allow a good front site focus but also provide a little help with the target, Any futhur back the target (4" black) is gone or the 6 o;clock edge is gone.

What is the target black size at 25yd and 50yds for bulls eye shooting?

Next question. Has anyone ever shot a semi-auto preferably a Glock (and Id guess I's use a frame mount) with a EER scope like a Leupold 2.5X?

My eyesight at 66 years young aren't quite so anymore so Im thinking a little outside the box. I like punching paper and love my 34 and would like to settle in at 50 or so yards.

Any ideas? I gotta be able to identify the 6 o'clock edge and I think its going to require some magnification

01-20-2013, 03:52
Have a pair of shooting glasses made with your dominant eye lens focused on your front sight and your weak eye lens focused on distance.