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View Full Version : Forgot how much I like my XD/XDm's and M&P's

01-19-2013, 23:17
Played with my XD45 and XDm9 today and forgot how great these guns are. Trigger's are great (XD45 is the best by a good bit, but the more the XDm9 gets shot it is getting better). And accuracy is comparable to 1911. My M&P fullsize 40 and Pro9 and GREAT! M&P Pro9 has THE BEST trigger of any poly gun out there IMO. :cool: I tend to carry Glock's ALOT more, but sure do enjoy shooting and remember why was always in love with these others. :cool:

01-20-2013, 06:13
agree with the XD/XDm......i went from glock to the XD series and have not regretted it one second.....very good guns that work like they should out of the box.....

i tried the MP several years ago and did not care for them,though.....the trigger felt like something on a toy cap-gun.....but i've read that they have improved this on the current models, sounds like you have a really good one :)

I'm looking at getting a 1911 as my next gun, but might pick up an XD in 357 sig that my local shop has before i get that

01-20-2013, 06:54
No doubt Joe

The XDm and M&P are awesome pistols. I still need to pick up an M&P though.