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01-20-2013, 12:04
I'm in week two of my wait for my Gen 4 Blue Label G34, and given the current backlog with the state police (In Maryland all NICS goes through the MD State Police) I'm looking at another 2 weeks minimum before I can expect the paperwork to clear (MSP conducts their own background checks, and doesn't give the NICS number to the dealer until their check is complete. Which is now taking up to a month). That leaves me plenty of time to get any parts I may have forgotten. So far all I've ordered is (4) Spare 17 round magazines. I'm thinking of getting:

Trigger parts: So far looking at the Ghost Rocket Trigger Kit 3.5#
New sights: TruGLO TFO Night Sights

My plan is to find a friendly GLOCK armorer to install the sights and trigger kit, and do a .25 trigger job while I'm at it. It looked like something I could probably install correctly myself, but I'd rather get a professional to do it to ensure it gets done right (the first time, anyway). If anyone knows what the going rate for this is, please let me know.

Eventually I'd like to get some form of laser, haven't decided if I want a guide rod laser, laser grips, or a combo light/laser to put on the rail (I have a rail mounted light already). Still doing some research (this forum is a great place). Never ceases to amaze me how even after being here for 6 years I still find more new posts that I can keep up with every time I log on.

Future purchases: G19, G21SF, or a G22/23 to go with my G27. For those who've made it this far, I got the G34 because I wanted a 9mm and I was told that the 17/19 were on a 2-3 month backorder (wasn't going to ask for a 26, which turned out backordered anyway, as I didn't need another subcompact). So I asked if he had a 34 in, and lo-and-behold he did. Happy shooting all!

01-20-2013, 14:30
Congrats on the G34.

I'd like to get one myself at some point.

01-20-2013, 14:34
Congrats on your purchase. I got a gen 3 about a month ago and love it. I did my own trigger job on it to get it where I wanted. Love both my 34 and 35

Bruce M
01-20-2013, 14:57
Enjoy your G34. I think you may end up liking it better than a G17.

01-20-2013, 17:21
Enjoy your G34 after all of the hassle in getting it.

01-20-2013, 19:39
the g34 is a fine weapon in its original form.Go slow on your mods, you might save a few bucks.

01-20-2013, 19:44
the g34 is a fine weapon in its original form.Go slow on your mods, you might save a few bucks.

Thanks, and I shall keep that in mind! And yes it is a hassle... I miss the cash and carry laws of Missouri.

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