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View Full Version : Truglo fiber optic sights on Glock 35 ?

01-21-2013, 13:20
I'm about to order a set of Truglo fiber optics for my Glock 35. I assume the front sight will hang out over the cutout in the slide. Is it a problem? Comments? Thanks.

01-21-2013, 14:00
I have that on my Glock 17L and its no problem...

01-21-2013, 21:23
I had a set on a 34 and they weren't a problem. They are slightly more susceptible to breaking if you hit the unsupported portion (over slide cut-out) of the sight on a barricade, etc., but I never had that problem.

If this is a competition gun, you may find that they are not as "precise" as something with a smaller front sight for longer shots (15 yds+), and you may not pick them up as fast as a sight with a wider rear notch / narrower front blade. For comp, I ultimately went with Dawson F/O front and Dawson all-black rear.

For a SD gun, the sights are the most visible sights I've used from daylight to dark (compared to meprolight, trijicon, Dawson F/O)

01-21-2013, 22:02
Thanks for the replies. It will be a concealed carry gun with a 357 SIG barrel in it. It has blacked out stock sights and I want something way more appropriate for my use. I have Dawson .100" fiber optic front sights on 2 of my 1911s. I like the Dawsons, but I would like to try some fiber optics with more/brighter visibility. I'll try the Truglos. Thanks again.