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01-21-2013, 18:47
:dunno:Just before the AWB panic struck, I changed my "platform" from 9mm to .40 Cal. I sold my CCW and bought a Glock 27 (which I really like), and traded my Glock, Gen4, 17 for a nice Desert Baby Eagle, 40 polymer, which I haven't fired yet. I already had a S&W 40 but as soon as I got the Glock I started buying ammo. and then the panic hit. I now have 1,600 rounds. Now the questions...the day I bought the Glock I took a box of 50 out to try it. Obviously, I could have brought 150. I have this silly feeling that I don't want to shoot up my stash unless I can replace it, immediately. The next nice day I want to take the Glock and the Eagle out with a couple of hundred rds. Eight days of that and real trouble. So, I won't...I'll take maybe 75...and try to replenish. This is ridiculous to me. I'm willing to dwindle down to maybe 750 rds. and then, assuming I can't afford it or it simply isn't there, I guess I quit...but why? I have the mandatory AK-47 w/1000 rds..same scenario. It's tucked away for SHTF, which I seriously doubt will happen. I'm 65, and don't think I'll be needing countless rds. for zombie firefights. What do you guys think about this? I've thought, well I can always trade it for food or?. Looking ahead, with bad scenario, picture an ol' guy out at a "range", advertising he has guns and ammo..hmm. I'm just wondering how other guys think about it all. I've seen a lot of threads on "how much is enough" but this is a little different slant. Thanks.:dunno:

RJ's Guns
01-21-2013, 19:18
The local gun stores, that I have gone to, are almost out of ammo and rationing what they have to no more than two boxes, per individual, per day and their prices are high, close to double what they were a couple of months ago. They tell me that their suppliers are out of ammo and do not know when they will be receiving any more. Most of the on line retailers that sell ammo, are out of stock of the most common calibers of ammo.

I have only shot a few hundred rounds of 22LR since this last mass shooting and that is all. I have a lot of ammo in reserve but I have stopped shooting any more until I see what happens. At this time, I cannot tell how long I will need it to last. I am 62 and I figure that I had better be safe than sorry.

01-21-2013, 22:37
I do the same thing. I haven't shot any of my guns in about a month. I'm waiting for the ammo supply to build back up . In the mean time ammo I bought for $.40 is selling for $1.25 but I wont sell any of mine.
I'm going to go out and shoot a couple boxes of 762x54 in one of my Mosins before I start going into DTs.

01-21-2013, 22:47
Buy a .22 and save the good stuff for the coming collapse.

01-21-2013, 22:49
What .22? I haven't seen any .22 on the shelves in a while.

01-22-2013, 17:37
I bought a Golden Boy just before it went south, and have a nice little scoped 10/22 w/about 7K of bulk. If we get a chance should try some CCI CB long rifles. They are by far the quietest and can take a squirrel at 35 yds. But, like you say, where's the ammo. People actually buying guns with no ammo.....and another *&&% shooting today.:dunno:

01-22-2013, 18:33
Being a poor college student in the late 90s I pondered on similar questions. Then I realized I had been doing some unconsciouly....or at least very "Indian-ee." I was already saving almost all the brass I been shooting up. So I invested in reloading. My reloading set up was very humble for about 10 years. A single press, with dies for most popular handgun and rifles rounds. It was only about 5 years ago that I got a turret press. I'm too cheap to invest in a progressive press. Now, I been casting my own loads, have quality ammo stashed from as far as 10 years ago (usually my H.P. rounds) and have not bought hardly any factory ammo in over a decade....minus the quality defensive ammo used for carry. One does not have to invest in reloading all at once. Be frugal, cheap, and look to individuals who are willing to hook you up.

01-22-2013, 18:35
10 years from now, hell....even 5 years from now you'll be really gald you got into reloading. If could sell all of it for a profit.

ken grant
01-22-2013, 18:52
I have .22 conversion Kits for all my Glocks,1911's and 2 AR Kits.

Plenty of full caliber ammo for all but still shoot a lot of .22's in them.
I loaded up on .22 ammo before the craze hit and have over 10,000 rds of Rem. G.B.'s and a couple of thousand Mini-Mags

Bruce M
01-22-2013, 19:17
My guess is that in a month or three the ammunition shortage will ease up alot. As it did last time.

My guess, based on having been in an area here in the US when there really has been some lawlessness is that a gun and a couple hundred rounds will be sufficient. If you read about this, the reality is few shots were fired and generally simply seeing the good guys with a gun was sufficient to "repel boarders."

01-22-2013, 19:24
thanks, that's the type of info./opinion I was hoping for. It's hard to word things right sometimes. I personally like the idea of a few hundred more rds. but you are more realistic too. I guess in the back of my mind, I'm not seeing a government available for support right away..months. Thanks:dunno: