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Queen Bee
01-21-2013, 20:05
As the title says,

i could buy a nice glock 19 K letter austrian proofed glock 19, though i already have an austrian 19 k letter and a ccw L letter one.

Find a second glock 26? Meh

Or buy parts for AR? Since i do not own a rifle yet?

Ohh forgot to add this option : GLOCK 21SF!

Which would you choose in this crappy situation

01-21-2013, 22:47
AR right now. Buy a lower and you'll be grandfathered in...or so I've been reading.

S. Kelly
01-22-2013, 14:05
I'd go AR lower-it's gonna be a while for complete rifles and the Bushys, etc are going for $2K and up. AR15s-they're addicting.

And then go G21 gen4, even better than a G21SF, if that could happen!

01-22-2013, 14:12
Glock 21sf and then get a 460 Rowland conversion . Simply awesome

Bruce M
01-22-2013, 18:13
Unless you are in one of the states that the AR is being outlawed, my opinion is that they are far too expensive right now. And even alot of other guns seem awfully expensive right now.

Buckshot Barry
01-22-2013, 18:15
AR lower is my vote. Back order a couple of mags too. Mil spec or PMags

01-22-2013, 18:31
AR lower

Queen Bee
01-22-2013, 20:20
I got in on a group buy Lower , for 120$ just waiting for it to arrive.

I ordered a LPK from stag,

and picked up a spikes NiB coated trigger group.

in the mean time for us in MA, i had to pay 40$ each for 7 pre-ban (94) AR 30 rd mags .

sigh just waiting on everything now..

waiting for a good deal on a BCM Upper on GB or their website for now.

though a part of me really wants a older Glock21sf gen 3 really bad.

01-22-2013, 21:48
id say get an AR